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On the way to voting in last year’s Australian election in Hong Kong we came across this most amusing piece of vandalism on an add for a food court that contained a McDonalds. It summed things up quite succinctly.

TheNewmans in Tokyo

Narita airport 1

OK, so here is where I was sitting in the Internet cafe in the Narita international airport, taking in the warming sunshine and enjoying the view across the airport. It was a pleasant place to pass away a little time whilst waiting for boarding time.

Narita keyboard

Here’s the keyboard I was talking about. A range of keys were in different locations, particularly the @ and the ‘ characters, and there was an itty-bitty spacebar. The computer also had an annoying habit of flipping from English to Japanese without any input from me, which is not so handy when you don’t keep an eagle eye on the characters on the screen.

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