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Welcome to July

Calendar for June

Well, another month has rolled by and that means that Gail’s had the colouring in pencils out again. ) This time, in a fit of creative experimentation, she’s gone for a coarse cross-hatch pattern to highlight our feature building of the month, the Tintinara Becker Store. In a recent interview with the artist it was stated, “Oh well, something different.” There you have it, folks.

We heard from Mark that there was a great supermarket crammed with all kinds of great stuff in Hong Kong called City Super. Not that we were keen or anything, but Gail & I crossed the border the very next morning to go shopping! Pity about the pouring rain. Still, the weather was warm and we hardly got wet at all. From the time we left home until the time we returned later that day we were never actually directly in the rain. They really have worked out how to deal with the rain well here. We were fortunate that the Kowloon Tong rail station is fully enclosed and kept us from getting soaked whilst disembarking.

Raining Down

Within a few minutes of alighting at Shatin we had looked around the 5-story shopping complex and located City Super. Here we found a plethora of delectable delicacies from all over the world. The prices were certainly higher than in China but sometimes some things seem worth buying regardless of the price. Like Australian steak. Or Cocoa. Gail has been suffering from Cocoa withdrawls for the past few weeks so she was determined to find some. I’m sure it was her prime motive for going to City Super. If she had written a shopping list it would have had 2 items on it: 1) Cocoa. 2) Other.

Outside of City Super

As we scoured the shelves we came across a real array of fine foods from across the globe. Because practically all the food was imported it made the Australian produce the same price as practically all the other foreign foods. One of the great discoveries of the trip was English museli. For all their other cullinary faults, the English do museli very well (they may have borrowed it from the Swiss anyway, I’m not sure). With ingredients of oats, wheat flakes, sesame seeds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and a few other things, it is has proven to be an exceptionally good snack/breakfast and general hunger-sating device. Gail plans to make some of her own once we finish this lot. Another great find was some Villi’s pies! All the way over here! We bought 4, more for the fact that they were Australian Villi’s pies rather than for their outright tastebud tantalising talents.

Gail - I am pleased to say that the British answer to CSR’s golden syrup is neither inferior nor superior to ours however, it does come in a very nice tin, highly decorated with green and gold, with ‘By Royal Appointment’ on the back. It would not have the same ring to it if we put ‘Johnny eats this for breakfast’ on ours. The lid has a tendency towards being tacky, and we couldn’t find a tin in the shop that didn’t have some stickiness on it, but it tasted the same. I guess it’s probably the only sealed try-before-you-buy item… They didn’t have any bicarb soda or vanilla essence, so they are a few more things to bring back from Adelaide. City Super also had an array of herbs and spices that was very pleasing, and are slightly cheaper than the McCormick/Masterfood ones of Adelaide, once we’d done a currency conversion. I’m still getting used to thinking about how much things really are. The impulse of ‘I’m not paying $18 for that!’ still needs to be moderated by the fact that it is only about AU$3. We now have parsley, basil and cinammon, which is very pleasing and makes cooking a bit more normal.

We came across something that we have seen in other places around HK/CN and that was plastic imitation food outside resturaunts. The quality of the reproduction is just fantastic, you would have no idea that it was not a real meal that you were looking at. This is all done to lure prospective customers. There must be a really good trade in fake food because it’s something we’ve seen in quite a few places.

Plastic Food 2 Plastic Food 1

Well, here are the spoils. Soup, sauce, beans, pies, cocoa, steak, crackers, whipped cream, pasta sauce, golden syrup, juice, muesli, herbs and spices and even a box of Just Right. Not bad at all for a shopping expedition. I’m sure we’ll go back there sometime soon. Probably about the same time the cocoa runs out…

The Spoils

Gail’s calendarising

Calendar June

Well, we’re barrelling along into another month and that means that Gail’s colouring pencils have come out again! You can see her previous effort here. This time she’s gone for slightly darker colouring in general but with more intensity in the building. She’s used a yellow/orange in the sky, which is a new colour for her, but she’s applied it well. There’s clearly a thematic consistency in her works yet she’s not afraid to move around within the scope of her subject matter. )

Twelftree's Calendar

Just before leaving OZ some friends of ours gave us this great calendar. It’s been made as a fund raiser for the Tintinara and districts history club. It’s particularly useful because it helps us keep track of what holidays are happening in Australia. We have it hanging on the wall in our main living area. It’s a sweet reminder of home, bringing back many memories.

Originally black and white, Gail decided that it needed some colour and this is the result! Click on the picture to enlarge.

Some things never change

Heinz Baked Beans

Some things change and some things stay the same, like the great taste of baked beans on toast after you’ve been eating pork & noodle stir-fry for the past few days. mmmmmmmm. This was lunch on Sunday. I’m sure there will be other tastes of home that will come up.

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